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Text Box: Ted Turner, Americas Cup winner and three times winner of the Pineapple Cup, became an enthusiastic endorser of this race as “the world’s greatest ocean racing course”. 
 O’Hanley, another cup winner said “If you think of the great races around the world, this would have to be in the top five, if you think of the boats that have done it before us, they’re the who’s who of racing. If anyone thinks of themselves as an ocean racer, I would urge them to do this race”
Lets sail like champions but do so like gentlemen.
Join us for the sail of your life!
Take up the challenge and come and race the 2011 Pineapple cup for Jamaica.

pineapplecup.jpgOne of the finest offshore races in the world with some of the fastest racing yachts on the water and a list of past winners that reads like a “who’s who” of world sailing.

It has been a considerable time since there has been a Jamaican entry into this internationally prestigious race. Andrew McGlone and Peter Harper of the Montego Bay Yacht club invite you to join them in a serious attempt to bring the Pineapple cup home to Jamaica in this the 50th anniversary of the race.

We are putting together a program to race Andrew’s Farr designed 53f5 and invite crew and potential sponsors to join us on this fantastic race.

From our base at Montego Bay Yacht Club we will ensure the yacht is fully race prepared, delivered to Lauderdale for the start and final haul out preps and ready for you to step onto and race on Saturday the 5th February.

The race entry is not a charter, nor is it for profit. The yacht is being offered for the race at no cost however we do need crew and sponsors to contribute to the cost of the race program.

Hark-Interior-one.jpgHark outline titled.jpgHARK is a well proven, fast offshore racing yacht, with a hull by the renowned Bruce FARR coupled with some luxury from the pen of Ferrari’s Pinanfarina. She has a good history of offshore racing in Europe, has crossed the Atlantic 5 times and is built for fast offshore racing and passages. She is not an out and out race boat, we intend to race her to be competitive and win on corrected time without beating either ourselves or her up. She is ideally suited to the conditions presented in the Pineapple Cup Course and I have personally sailed in the waters of the gulf, Atlantic and Caribbean passages for the last few years. HARK has an impressive array of the latest electronics including Safety and comms, she carries 2 liferafts, storm sails, EPIRB, sea anchors and equipment over and above that required in the offshore race regulations

Peter Harper, a former Cup winner is a prime influence in the decision to race and will be co skipper for the race, he will also co-ordinate crew logistics and be the project’s treasurer. Andrew will be responsible for preparation, media relations and delivering the boat to the start line for you to join and race.

10 knots small.jpgAndrew has considerable experience in racing HARK and has sailed her in excess of 20,000 miles allowing me a good understanding of her behaviour under race conditions. Having sailed her in big seas and up to 60 knot winds he knows just how well she performs in big weather. and can assure you of her credentials and performance. We invite you to come and find out for yourself.


Text Box: Figure 1       10.1 knots to windward, single handed with 2 reefs We have little time to prepare HARK to “Race For Jamaica” but we are fortunate that she is in pretty good shape. Considering that we need ask you to contribute to the cost of entering and sailing in the event we believe it is important that we do everything in our power to ensure the yacht is in the best possible condition for the race and to limit the chance of breakages affecting performance during the event.. We have identified a list of items, which we have broken down into categories, that we feel need to be attended to as part of our preparation ... of course they are also costs to us in entering the event. Some we consider are must does, and some like the new sails are items which can make the difference in winning the race.

Running rigging – is in good enough condition for cruising but not for the rigours of racing           $ 4.841

Race Entry fees:          race entry and cost of tracking device deposit                                         £ 1,100

Haul out Lauderdale preps:    including sand and refinish hull below water line, fairing

and polish where suitable. Blocking labor, materials and relaunch.                      $ 5,259

Rig Tuning      -40 rod rigging should be tuned for optimum performance using specialist eqpt.    $ 1,500

Delivery          Delivery from Mobay to Lauderdale and return flights for del crew to base           $4,100

Safety Equipment       Servicing the existing Liferaft to conform to regulations                               $1.500

Wind instrument and System integration :     upgrade replace wind and multiplex to provide

fast data at helm and Nav to integrate with all other systems                                   $ 789

Logistics:         Car Hire here and Lauderdale, accommodation when hauled out, comms

                        Crew race provisions   Marina berthing in Lauderdale                                         $5,165

Team Clothing:           Crew clothing including shorts and shirts + design                                      $1,630

Handicap rating          Assessment for handicap                                                                            $ 500


That is the list of items we feel we must have, it is comprehensive and will ensure the yacht is ready in Lauderdale for you to step off a plane on race. If you feel you can help with any of these items or know someone who may be able to please contact Peter or Andrew. We are looking for a minimum crew of 8 to contribute $3,000 to come and race. This consists of a $1,000 deposit due before December 25th with the balance due 1 week prior to the race start. If we reduce costs and /or are able to secure sponsorship the balance may be reduced to reflect this. As a well known, and trusted, local Peter Harper will act as treasurer and hold funds locally.

Hark Stb stern.jpgThere is no doubt that, in order to increase our performance to race winning levels we need to acquire new sails for the race. We are seeking further funding to put us in pole position. New sails, to include Main, headsail and a tri-radial symmetric and asymmetric kites will cost us a little change shy of $30,000 and we need to order them by the 3rd week of December because of the manufacturing lead time. We are actively seeking sponsorship for the sails and other components of the program. If you feel you may know someone who might be interested please contact Peter or Andrew immediately.

MEDIA. Given the uniqueness of the race entry, especially in the 50 year anniversary, we have a lot of media interest. We are fortunate to have the yacht available right here in Jamaica for corporate and media purposes prior to the event and of course after the race. We have secured www.raceforjamaica.com which will be used as an event information base for the public, sponsors, media and crew. The website is being developed and will be launched along with a press launch of our program early December.



Can we win?

            Frankly yes we can, especially if we can secure new sails. Whilst we are up against some of the fastest boats on the world, crewed professionally we have handicap on our side. We won’t break records, nor will we be first across the line but we have a great opportunity to win on corrected time!

Is there an age limit?

No there is no upper or lower age limit within reason!

Do I have to have offshore experience?

            No, of course we would like sailors with as much skill as possible but we are lucky to have the boat here in Montego Bay and will be holding training sessions prior to leaving for the race.

What is expected of me?

            It’s simple, commit to the event, fly in and turn up to enjoy one of the most spectacular things you have ever done! We will take care of the logistics.

I cannot sail with you but can I help in any way?

            Absolutely yes, we welcome help in any form from a hand polishing to loaning a car here or in Lauderdale, anything that saves the program a little money helps us put even more into being competitive. Of course sponsorship is always completely welcome and could be the difference between winning and losing, small amount right up to sponsoring the sails or the whole program.

What can I expect of the race?

            811 nautical miles is a long way, this is one of the best offshore courses in the world with a beat, a reach and a glorious run. Our ethos is to sail well with an eye on winning but without stressing the crew too much. Peter and I are racing for the fun of it, we want a relaxed but competitive atmosphere where taking part and enjoying yourself is every bit as important as winning.



Come and join us aboard HARK , race for Jamaica and have the sail of your life.

Andrew 817 6028             mail@yachthark.com

Peter      869 6335            ppj@cwjamaica.com