Dear Sirs,

February marks the 50th anniversary of the prestigious Pineapple Cup Race. Acclaimed by Ted Turner, of Americas Cup fame, as one of the finest Ocean races in the world, the Pineapple Cup is 811 nautical miles of gruelling ocean racing finishing in a blaze of glory at race hosts, Montego Bay

This year sees the entry of some of the world’s finest racing yachts including the Farr 80 “Beau Gest“ from Hong Kong , the 75 ft racer “Bella PITA” and representatives from the USA, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Canada and the Bahamas. As you will see there is one notable omission, no Jamaican entry! Indeed it has been some 16 years since a serious entry was made representing Jamaica and the hosts Montego Bay Yacht Club.

Pineapple Cup winner, and former Commodore of Mobay Yacht Club Peter Harper and myself, Andrew McGlone, are determined  to set the record straight and mount a seriously competitive challenge in this coming race.

I have made my 54 ft ocean going yacht “HARK” available at no cost to enter. We have the basis of a very competent and talented Jamaican crew and certainly have the will to see this challenge through. Each crew member is contributing a considerable amount financially towards the cost of mounting the challenge.

In order to represent Jamaica ,and have a realistic chance of winning the overall Pineapple Cup Race, we still need to secure funding for a new suit of sails. These sails represent an improvement in performance of about 25% over our current configuration and really can be the difference between winning and losing.

Sail graphics.jpgWe are appealing to interests in Jamaica to come aboard and help us RACE FOR JAMAICA ... and WIN!

We offer a unique opportunity to a main sponsor of guaranteed column inches and TV airtime, exposure to domestic and international markets in one of the most photogenic sports in the world.

Sponsorship carries with it the chance to use the yacht as a mobile billboard, before and after the event, offering in excess of 3000 sq ft of blank canvas. Using the latest techniques both sails and hull can be used for graphics.

The campaign is going to cost us a minimum of USD $55,000, the challenges are great, logistics difficult but, with our experienced team, all achievable. We desperately need assistance in funding a new suit of sails, accounting for 2/3rds of our budget.

We also seek both financial and practical help in the following areas (any assistance is sincerely welcome):

·         Transport in both Jamaica and Fort Lauderdale during race preparations

·         Crew flights , one way to Lauderdale / Miami for the race start

·         Crew clothing

·         Prep crew accommodation

Hark is currently in Montego Bay and will be available for corporate and media events before delivery to Miami for the start of the race, she will also be available in Miami / Lauderdale just prior to the event and of course back in Jamaica once the event is completed.

We have a photographer and videographer aboard to record the race and have interest from a number of magazines for articles and images from the event. Media interest is high, this is a unique opportunity and boats of the required size and speed don’t present themselves every day. It is extremely important to us that we have a truly Jamaican entry, with a Jamaican crew. Both the Jamaican press and tv media are very keen to follow our progress and we will fulfil any press obligations with gusto.

We have secured the website RACE FOR JAMAICA.COM  and will be launching it with all our race  news, preparations and events with video and news updates in conjunction with a national and international press launch during the first weeks of December we would love to have you with us by this time to maximise exposure..

Please come aboard and help us win for Jamaica we are totally committed to providing a truly corporate and successful challenge that Jamaica can be proud of.

Detailed spreadsheet with costs breakdown is available on request.

We are available at any time to discuss the matter further.

Kind regards


Andrew McGlone

817 6028


Peter Harper